Transforming Catholic Education

Drexel System Featured on National Broadcast

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    Drexel Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tara Rolle discusses the innovative work of the Drexel School System on the national podcast, Catholic School Matters.

The Drexel School System Pillars of Promise

The Drexel School System is committed to promoting authentic Catholic schools that are accessible, high achieving and educationally accountable.

Learn More About the Drexel School System

The Drexel School System is an academically rigorous, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education in the Diocese of San Jose.

Drexel School System Annual Report 2016

The Drexel School System is committed to transparency for all stakeholders, including publishing a comprehensive annual report each fiscal year.

Drexel Receives $25 Million in Tuition Assistance

$25 Million Gift Granted to the Drexel School System for Tuition Assistance, raising available aid to over $30 million! Gift Courtesy of the Sobrato Family.

Drexel School System Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The Drexel School System is committed to innovation. The Strategic Plan outlines major initiatives to keep Drexel schools on the cutting edge.