• Governance for the Future of Catholic Education

  • Drexel School System is a transformative approach to Catholic elementary education. A component of the Drexel model is the shifting in governance in parish elementary schools.

    In the traditional model of Catholic elementary education, the Parish Pastor serves as the supervisor of the principal and is charged with overseeing the school administration, budget and performance. In the Drexel model, the Pastor is called upon to fulfill his gift of vocation as the primary faith leader for the parish and school community, serving as a partner with the principal to ensure the robust spirituality of the school. Supervision of the principal and oversight for the academic and fiscal performance of the school is reallocated to the Associate Superintendent/Executive Director, ensuring that educators are supervising educators and holding the site and the administration accountable from an educational perspective.

    A team of Functional Leads report to the Associate Superintendent/Executive Director and oversee the many facets of the school including technology, budget and instruction. These Functional Leads are each specialists in their fields and assist the school administration with planning and oversight to ensure the long-term operational vitality and fiscal sustainability that is essential for present-day Catholic schools.

    The result? A system of highly-functioning, accountable and well-supported Catholic Schools that are designed to withstand the test of time and graduate the most well-educated scholars in the local area. Want to learn more? View our academic performance reports and learn more about data-driven instruction and blended learning in the Drexel School System!