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    Because Drexel Schools are part of a system, families can be assured of certain key features at all of our Drexel locations. Data-driven instruction with Blended Learning, transparency about student progress, financial security and Drexel Tuition Assistance are examples of the expectations families can have when considering any of our Drexel sites. 

    Families are encouraged to consider the site-specific charisms and programs of emphasis at each of our Drexel sites in order to determine which school will be the best fit for your family. Special programs such as engineering course offerings, Mandarin language programs, maker spaces and silver box programs exist uniquely at Drexel schools throughout the Diocese. Visit the individual Drexel school websites to learn more about each of our sites or click here to have a Drexel representative contact you to share more information.


    The Drexel School System supports every Drexel School with a dedicated Assistant Superintendent, Blended Learning Specialist, Educational Technologist and Enrollment Specialist. In addition, Professional Development, Assessment and Technology are all part of the support every Drexel School Site receives from the Drexel School System.


    The Drexel School System fully integrates technology across the curriculum, maximizing student engagement and ensuring that every student is receiving differentiated curriculum that is appropriately challenging. Drexel classrooms are driven by ongoing assessment and responsive to individual student achievement, anchored in a rigorous and STEM instpired curriculum.


    The Drexel School System is committed to ensuring that every child receives an outstanding academic, social and spiritual education. Drexel Schools not only have robust and technology-driven classrooms. Drexel Schools also have a comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure that every child is developing a moral compass and spiritual foundation that will support a deep and meaningful lifelong relationship with God. Drexel School System students are bright, driven, compassionate and kind.

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    The Drexel School System knows what an important decision elementary school is for our families. We hope to ease the anxiety for families by ensuring that each of our sites is academically rigorous, spiritually robust and led by the best educators in the area.

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    The Drexel School System is Transforming Catholic Education.