• Volunteer Opportunities

    Below are examples of events that occur throughout our school year. Each MHT School family is required to complete 20 service hours, unless you are a single parent, which requires 10 hours of service.

    Only parents, guardians, and/or grandparents of students are allowed to complete the required service hours. All volunteers are welcomed in the school providing you have completed the VIRTUS® online training course Protecting God’s Children (PGC) and have been fingerprinted and cleared by the Diocese of San Jose. The VIRTUS® online training course Protecting God’s Children (PGC) is mandatory and must be renewed every three (3) years by both employees and volunteers. Please contact the school office if you have questions about fingerprinting and/or the VIRTUS® program. You can also visit the Diocese of San Jose page on Protecting God's Children by clicking these links here:

    • For further instructions, click HERE.
    • For registration and the online training, click HERE.

    Classroom Volunteers

    Anyone interested in volunteering in the classroom should contact the teacher directly. Teachers need assistance with copying, small group activities, and other classroom organizational activities.

    Field Trips

    These occur during the school day throughout the year and are determined by your child’s teacher and the school administration. Chaperones are always needed, and we often need drivers too.

    ChoiceLunch Program

    MHT School offers students the option to purchase hot and cold lunch through the ChoiceLunch program. Families who provide service during lunch time can get credit toward a lunch with ChoiceLunch. Please contact the office if you are interested in helping. You also get one hour of service for your time.

    Sporting Events

    These events occur throughout the year in the evenings and on weekends. For many of our sporting events, we need help with set up, booth sales, field markers, clean up, etc. We may also have Volleyball and Basketball tournaments and need help with set up, supervision, managing the door, clean up, etc.

    School Beautification

    Our campus would not look as beautiful as it does without the time and energy our parents have put into cleaning and landscaping. You don’t have to have a green thumb in order to come out and help plant some flowers to help keep our campus beautiful. These events occur throughout the year and will be announced in the weekly school newsletter and sometimes with separate fliers in the Tuesday Envelope.

    Service to Community

    The school and the parish will determine what the needs are in our community and will schedule events to help. Please monitor your child’s Tuesday Folder to see what these events are and when they will occur.

    Monthly Parent Meetings

    On the first Tuesday of each month, the school hold a meeting of the MHT School Spirit Committee to share information with parents on how our school is progressing and to solicit input as to how we can make MHT School an even better place for our families. Each room parent is expected to attend these meetings as official members of the MHT School Spirit Committee. Each parent or guardian in attendance will get service hour credit for attending these meetings. Please visit the MHT School Calendar for dates and times.

    Open House

    Open houses are scheduled throughout the year. Although our students handle a majority of the event, we always need adults to assist.

    Scholastic Book Fair

    This event begins on the Sunday of Catholic Schools Week and usually runs until Thursday. The Scholastic Book Fair is a fundraiser and the proceeds support needs educational needs throughout the school. We need help setting up, running the fair before, during and after school, and breaking down. Set up occurs on the Friday or Saturday before the fair opens; we sell books during Open House and the rest occurs during the school day.

    Grandparent’s or Special Visitors Day

    This event occurs on the Thursday of Catholic Schools Week and is during the school day. The students provide a beautiful church service for the Grandparents/Special Visitor. Afterwards, we host a reception for our guests. We need help setting up, serving, and cleaning up. Donations of cookies and flowers are also needed.


    This is a fundraising event that is held in the spring during the school day. Students obtain sponsors by lap or by a flat fee; then, the students jog their laps during the school day. This day of fun exercise includes music, food, and beverages while raising money for our school. We need assistance with setting up, counting laps, and cleaning up.

    Art Show

    This is an evening event that occurs in May. Mrs. Boettner needs help during the school day preparing the students’ work for display at the Art Show. We also need help selling tickets, setting up, serving, and cleaning up the art show..

    Sports Day

    This event occurs in either May or June of each year and is a day our students spend enjoying sporting events such as the limbo, sponge relay race, and jump rope. Our student council and PE teacher run the event, and parent volunteers are needed to set up, supervise, and break down.