• Athletics
    Athletic Director: Ms. Teresa Lopez
    - Email: telopez@dsj.org
    - Phone: 408.729.3431 ext 460 
    ***To register for MHT sports, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete the online form.***


    The Most Holy Trinity Athletic Program strives to furnish a sports program that will foster, in all participants and spectators, a set of Christian values that emphasize respect of all individuals, building self-esteem, developing individual student skills and knowledge of the sport while always encouraging a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. Any child in fifth to eighth grade attending Most Holy Trinity School is eligible to participate in our Athletic Program. Children, coaches, and parents are expected to follow the rules and regulations in order to continue to participate in our Program.


    There is a $75 registration fee for the first sport of the school year. Once an original registration is paid, any subsequent sports participation during the school year (excluding track) will require a $65.00 registration fee. If there is financial hardship, please contact the Athletic Director, Mr. Cobillas, in writing.

    Athletic Uniforms

    Athletic uniforms are provided by the school and sponsored by the Parent Advisory Group. We expect that the uniforms be handled with the utmost care. Obviously, well-kept uniforms generate less replacement cost; any damage to an assigned uniform will require the replacement to be purchased by the student.


    • The Athletic Director in conjunction with the school principal selects coaches.
    • All Coaches must be fingerprinted
    • Coaches will stress positive reinforcement and proper discipline of all players
    • Coaches are empowered to provide basic skills technique in their respective sport
    • Coaches will not be responsible for car pooling students to and from games
    • Coaches may have Assistant Coaches on approval of the Athletic Director
    • Coaches have the authority to reduce a player’s participation time due to that player’s unexcused absences, excessive excused absences, and/or improper conduct during practice/games
    • Coaches will ensure that no physical or verbal abuse occurs.


    • Once a player has agreed to participate in an after school sport, the child is expected to complete the sport season, unless eligibility concerns become apparent, the student becomes ill, or there is a consultation with the Athletic Director and the administration to remove the student from the sport
    • Players will always show respect for themselves and others
    • Players will make responsible choices and decisions
    • Players will, at all times, show proper sportsmanship
    • Players’ academics and classroom behavior must show consistent effort and satisfactory progress
    • If/when fundraising is part of a program, student members are expected to participate
    • Students must be committed to be present at games, practices, meetings, etc., appropriate for the sport activity. Absences must be excused with a written note upon returning for the next function. It is expected that the player will contact the coach/athletic director if s/he knows beforehand that s/he is unable to make a practice or game.

    Eligibility of Students

    All students begin the school year eligible for athletics, unless they were placed on Academic Probation at the end of the previous school year. Upon the first Progress Report, parents will be notified if a child’s progress is not satisfactory in any area of the established guidelines. Continued participation for the remainder of the first trimester will be determined at that time with the student, parent(s), teacher(s) and administration.