• Innovation, Rigor and Blended Learning

    St. Clare School is a part of the Drexel School System.

    Educating generations of students since 1856, St. Clare School provides a rigorous curriculum with innovative methodologies in a faith-based environment. As a Drexel School in the Diocese of San Jose, St. Clare School builds strong academic and spiritual foundations that serve our children well, now and in the future.

    The Drexel School System is a resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education. Committed to redefining student engagement through robust technology and data-driven instruction, the Drexel School System is Transforming Catholic Education.

    The Drexel School System is a transformative approach to Catholic elementary education committed to promoting authentic Catholic schools that are accessible, high achieving and educationally accountable. Drexel Schools seek to prove that the creation of a new model of Catholic schools is possible and scalable. Guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the network of Drexel Schools forms the whole person through faith, knowledge, community, and by leveraging the resources and knowledge of a network of Catholic schools. Drexel Schools are recognized for sending forth into the greater community Christ-centered, compassionate, and confident leaders and problem solvers who exercise moral courage and service to others in their daily lives.

    More information about Drexel Schools can be found on the Drexel Schools website.