• Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

    The St. Clare School Parent Teacher Group (PTG) serves as a source of spiritual enrichment, friendship, and volunteer opportunities at St. Clare School for students and parents, and is primarily responsible for raising funds to support school programs and needs not covered by tuition. We are very thankful for all  the hardworking volunteers because without you and your MANY hours of dedication, PTG programs and events would not be possible.

    Purpose of the PTG

    • lend our energy, talent and time
      • raise funds to support school programs
      • purchase materials and resources for the classrooms and campus grounds
    •  support St. Clare teachers
      • provide room representatives to serve as a communication channel
      • planmonthly teacher appreciation events
      • organize volunteers to speak with prospective parents
    • invite parent participation
      • communicatie with our parent community about all service needs
      • administer our service database - ServingStClare
    • promote a collaborative atmosphere among parents, teachers, and administration
      • support efforts to bring parent questions and ideas to the attention of teachers and administration
    • foster a sense of school pride and community
      • promote St. Clare School at our Open House, Jog-a-thon and athletic events
      • organize community building events-- (socials, BBQs, VIP Day, Multicultural Dinner, Halloween Party...)
      • outreach to prospective families and welcoming new families to our school

    The St. Clare School PTG always needs your help! We welcome all parents to actively participate in our many fundraising and community building functions throughout the school. There’s a way for every parent to get involved!

    Event chairs are looking for volunteers for their committees. If you have a particular area of interest, please let us know! Committee and event chairs are listed here and you can indicate your interest for a particular event by signing up on ServingStClare under the “I’m interested” tab.