• Academics

    The curriculum of St. Clare School is driven by the standards of the state of California and the Diocese of San Jose. These standards contain guidelines for each curricular subject, including topics of study, skills and other learning opportunities. For specific information about state standards, please see the Content Standards Web Site of the California Department of Education. In partnership with Santa Clara University, St. Clare School is a Blended Learning school.

    We offer full-day Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, core subjects in first through eighth grade, Blended Learning methods and technology for all students, Spanish language instruction, music, art, a variety of extracurricular activities including student council, after-school sports and a homework assistance program.

    Our faculty and staff are caring, compassionate, qualified and willing to share their many talents with students and the community at large. Curriculum requirements in each grade follow the standards of the Diocese of San Jose and the State of California. In addition to math, language arts, science, PE and social studies, religion instruction occurs throughout the day at all levels.

    Student Learning Expectations


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • express / share a relationship with God
    • act with Jesus as a role model
    • model the teachings and practices of Catholicism
    • give the gifts of "Silver Boxes" to others


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • demonstrate responsibility for schoolwork and learning
    • read, write, compute, and problem-solve effectively
    • think critically and creatively
    • possess a strong work ethic


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • treat others with care and compassion through school/church outreach programs
    • demonstrate a knowledge of Catholic social teachings
    • develop and participate in service projects at their appropriate grade level


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • practice thoughtful decision-making skills
    • take responsibility for their own actions
    • express themselves creatively