• After School Programs

    St. Clare School is proud to offer after school activities for students. After School Programming consists of outside vendor programs that operate at St. Clare School on designated days at a vendor-determined price. Program availability varies and is based on demand.

    Santa Clara Univeristy (SCU)

    St. Clare School enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with Santa Clara University, located directly across the street. The America Reads program provides tutors each week to individually read with our students. Additionally, St. Clare School and SCU partner on a variety of other projects, including STEM, athletics, performing arts and more.

    Middle School Spanish

    IES offers Spanish classes at St. Clare School as after school enrichment program. IES hires and trains the teachers, provides the registration flyers bundled by your class size, collects tuition and manages student registrations, and provides all student materials. Students participating in a series of events in a foreign language being led by a dynamic, energetic group leader (teacher) that gives all directions in the foreign language. Directions are given in the foreign language and following the IES Six-Step teaching process, an entire series of game activities, utilizing visual aids depicting the learning objectives in the book for the month ensues. IES Language exposes students to a second language and cultures a positive and enjoyable experience. The IES Language program follows the natural language acquisition process of hear, listen, comprehend, imitate, speak, read, write, and then, study the grammar. Please visit the School Office for a registration form.


    St. Clare School Awarded 3rd Place in Robotics Competition

    A team of six St. Clare students participated in the first annual Wonder League Robotics Competition. Our students placed 3rd in California, and 43rd in the world, with 1,158 teams participating. Our points total was higher than any international team and several state championship teams.

    Wonder Workshop, the Bay Area company that created the popular computer programming robots, Dash and Dot, hosted the competition. It consisted of six computer programming missions to instruct Dash and Dot to complete various space-themed tasks. The team recorded the solutions along with an introduction of the team and submitted a video. The videos were scored by judges based on accuracy, complexity of the code, "flair" and other factors.

    After submitting the video, the team had the opportunity to share their work with a software development team at eBay headquarters. The team toured the eBay campus, got a glimpse into the career of a computer engineer, and worked on their Hour of Code projects.

    Hidden Talent Art Program

    Various fine art media are introduced. Students gain observation skills and fine art vocabulary while exploring their creative side and learning about the seven elements of art, using traditional techniques and methods. Please visit their website or the School Office for additional information.


    Muse School Band

    Click here for more information.

    2017-2018 Regisration

    FIERCE - Basketball Fundamentals Skills Clinic

    • Fundamentals. Our coaching team uses the basics to build the foundation of the game. The fundamentals are then translated to life: athletes are encouraged to practice in the classroom through focus and discipline and during the concept of student comes first and athlete second.
    • Integrity. We hold everyone involved in our organization to the highest regard and pride ourselves with integrity-always doing the right thing. Parents, coaches, faculty, and others engaged in our program are expected to show the utmost respect. Our goal is to build wholesome young individuals who take pride in themselves and their actions.
    • Education. We believe that the basketball court is an extension of the classroom. Our goal is to teach young student athletes the importance of making decisions and taking responsibility in its results both good and bad. As our coaches design clinics, student athletes will learn to design their own plans in life to achieve their goals.
    • Respect. Student athletes are made aware of their social responsibility to themselves, parents, teachers, coaches, and others in their community. They are expected to show respect to all those they encounter.
    • Community. We encourage positive contribution to local communities through our “Give Back” program. We reach out to local organizations and dedicate time for community service. Student athletes can take an active role in making a difference in their communities through fundraising, donations, and volunteer time.
    • Empower. Whether on the court or in the classroom, student athletes are empowered to take leadership roles and to actively participate and contribute to the game and their communities. Our team of coaches motivate them through positive reinforcement and provide them with a platform to learn and grow through our program.

    Marlowe Wells, Director & Head Coach
    Ph: 408-691-1827
    Email: mwells@fiercebasketball.com
    Web: www.fiercebasketball.com
    FB: www.facebook.com/fiercebasketball