• Annual Fund Campaign

    Invest in our Tradition of Faith and Learning St. Clare School Annual Fund Campaign

    What is the Annual Fund Campaign?

    The Annual Fund Campaign is a successful program that financially supports St. Clare School. This program is different from other fundraisers in the following ways:

    Annual Fund Campaign gifts:

    • have no overhead so all of your gift is spent at school
    • provide a reliable, regular source of income to the school
    • are used to improve school facilities and academic programs
    • are fully tax deductible, unlike normal tuition and fee payments
    • are another source of funding that can help reduce tuition

    What is our goal?

    Our goal is that 100% of our families, alumni and friends of St. Clare respond to the Annual Fund Campaign. The St. Clare Annual Fund Campaign is unique in that there is no monetary goal. We are not trying to reach a particular dollar amount because we do not believe a numeric goal is the most effective.

    Why is the Annual Fund Campaign necessary?

    St. Clare School creates a budget each year that is balanced and complete. The school is solvent and its finances are sound. But we need to continue to invest in our academic programs and facilities. We need to ensure that our academic programs keep pace with the demands of our educational mission. We need to ensure that our facilities will serve us into our next century. To fund these needs, we could increase tuition and fees, but that alone is neither prudent nor desirable. Therefore, we ask our larger community to support the Annual Fund as much as possible so that we can better plan our future.

    Who is being asked to participate?

    We invite our entire community to support the Annual Fund Campaign. Current families, alumni and friends have always been very helpful when we asked for assistance and we believe that they value their association with St. Clare School.

    How can I donate to the Annual Fund Campaign?

    • You may give in a single payment or monthly, automatic payments via credit card. The value smaller, monthly gifts builds quickly and creating a foundation of lasting support. Gifts may be delivered to the School Office.
    • You may give to the Annual Fund Campaign by writing a check.
    • You may give to the Annual Fund Campaign by making an online donation. Click here to donate online.
    • You may provide credit card information to create a monthly, recurring gift.

    When can I give to the Annual Fund Campaign? 

    The Annual Fund Campaign always accepts gifts. Donors make a gift in one payment or in monthly installments. The online payment options is always available. 

    Corporate Matching 

    Corporate matching gifts can double your gift to St. Clare School. Please check with your Human Resources office to find out if your employer, or your spouse's employer, has a matching gift program. Necessary matching gift forms may be faxed or mailed to Madeline Rader, Principal.