• Mission and Vision Statement


    We, the St. Clare School Community, joyfully embrace the Gospel mission entrusted by Christ to His Church. Believing that everyone is made in the image and likeness of God, we cherish and celebrate our diverse backgrounds and cultures.


    Educating generations of students since 1856, we provide a rigorous curriculum with innovative methodologies. In the classroom and in the community, we build strong academic and spiritual foundations that serve our children well, now and in the future.

    By worshipping, serving, and learning, our students grow in their ability to discover and live out the Good News.

    Vision Statement

    Recognizing that we are created by a God who knows us, loves us and calls us, St. Clare School provides a superior education while forming students who understand their faith, live their faith and serve.

    Modeling life-long learning, our educators tailor their teaching to elicit each child’s full potential using the most innovative tools and methods. St. Clare inspires students to become compassionate critical thinkers.

    Modeling the Gospel values of servant leadership, we inclusively craft and communicate our shared vision. By inviting all to engage in ongoing school-wide improvement, we challenge our children and adults to develop leadership qualities. With the practice of active listening within healthy, trusting relationships, we continue to build a vibrant and resilient school and parish family that work effectively with the broader community.

    Student Learning Expectations


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • express / share a relationship with God
    • act with Jesus as a role model
    • model the teachings and practices of Catholicism
    • give the gifts of "Silver Boxes" to others


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • demonstrate responsibility for schoolwork and learning
    • read, write, compute, and problem-solve effectively
    • think critically and creatively
    • possess a strong work ethic


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • treat others with care and compassion through school/church outreach programs
    • demonstrate a knowledge of Catholic social teachings
    • develop and participate in service projects at their appropriate grade level


    Students at St. Clare School will

    • practice thoughtful decision-making skills
    • take responsibility for their own actions
    • express themselves creatively