• School Uniform Policy

    Free Dress Guideline

    Students may wear Free Dress on the last Wednesday school day of each month. There may be adjustments to this scheduled day from time to time. For example, free dress is never allowed on a day that we celebrate a school mass.

    Appropriate school clothing is allowed on these days. We do not allow students to wear certain styles of clothing. We do not allow tank or spaghetti strap tops, see-through shirts, short shorts or skirts (shorts, skirts or skorts more than 2 inches above the knee), low-hanging or over-sized pants or items with inappropriate messages.

    Students must always wear tie or velcro shoes with skidless soles. Open-toe, slip-on, zipper, backless or platforms footwear is never allowed for any grade level. Sandals, boots, high-heeled or platform shoes are not allowed. Footwear color must be of a subdued tone. Shoes should be appropriate for school. Fashion shoes are not appropriate. When in doubt, check with the teacher.

    Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for more information.