• Drexel Schools ~ Promise for the Future

  • It is with great enthusiasm that I write of the Drexel School System—a cutting edge, reimagination of Catholic education that transforms how we are able to service families in our Catholic schools.

    The Drexel School System is the result of bold thinking and an absolute commitment to Catholic education. Focused on Centralizing services for financial sustainability and using data to drive instruction for rigorous and student-centered learning, the Drexel School System has empowered educators to align with the mission of transformative education in our reenergized and vibrant Catholic school communities. The dream for a system focused on student learning and empowering educators has been realized in the work of Drexel, inspired by the liberated works of Saint Katherine Drexel and her passion for educational equity.

    The success of the Drexel School System would not be possible without Bishop McGrath's steadfast commitment to Catholic education, the generous support of our site and system donors, the active engagement and support of the Diocese of San Jose Department of Education and the evident talent and commitment of our Drexel School System faculty, staff and administration. I look forward to the good work that lies ahead as we continue to be inspired by our faith. As Saint Katharine Drexel reminds us "let us open wide our hearts. It is joy which invites us. Press forward and fear nothing."


    Tara Rolle, Ed.D.
    Associate Superintendent, Diocese of San Jose

    Executive Director, Drexel School System
    Diocese of San Jose

  • rolle_tara

    Tara Rolle, Ed.D
    Assistant Superintendent
    Drexel School System