Applying to Become a Drexel School

  • Congratulations on your interest in becoming a Drexel School! Our team is here to support your application and efforts. Before you begin, please review the list below in order to ensue that your site is eligible to apply as a prospective school in the Drexel System.


    Eligibility Checklist*:

    - Site is a Parish School in the Diocese of San Jose

    - Process initiator is an employee or parent leader at the prospective Parish/Parish School

    - Parish School is in good standing at the Diocese of San Jose, Department of Education


    *If you are unsure if your Parish School meets the above criteria or if your site does not meet the above criteria but would like to appeal for consideration, please contact Dr. Tara Rolle, Assistant Superintendent of the Drexel School System,


    Meet the above criteria? Ready to begin a conversation or start an application to become a Drexel School? Please click here or click on the "Prospective Drexel Site Resources" link to the left.