• Tuition and Fees

    Please contact the school office (408) 246-6797 for information regarding tuition and fees. Tuition and fee structures, amounts, percentages, policies and/or requirements are reviewed annually and adjusted each year.

    St. Clare School is dedicated to providing quality education in a Christ-centered environment. The School relies on tuition and fees paid by its families for its operation. Each family is expected to honor their financial commitments to the school. Download and read Financial Policies for Tuition and Fees. This document describes the policies concerning each family’s financial commitment to the school and is an integral part of the Tuition Agreement.

    Parish Obligation: Parish families are expected to participate and support the Parish through their presence at Mass and through their regular use of envelopes. The level of participation will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Families who are unable to continue their support of the Parish will have their tuition rate adjusted and will be liable for the adjusted tuition rate.