Theme: God is our Loving Creator.
    • To establish that God is the crea
    • Tor of all things
    • To begin to identify and appreciate God’s creation
    • To create an awareness that we are members of God’s family Prayer


    Theme: God our Creator gives us life and grace, and promises us eternal life through Jesus.
    • To identify clearly that the Bible is God’s word to us
    • To establish that through Baptism we belong to God’s family, the Church
    • To create an awareness that we worship together through prayer and liturgy
    • To develop an understanding that people deserve our love and respect
    • To enhance further the concept that God is our creator while introducing Jesus as savior
    • To master key vocabulary and know prayers


    Theme: Jesus shows us His Father’s love through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.
    • To introduce the sacraments as signs through which we experience God
    • To provide preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation
    • To develop an awareness of the three persons of the Trinity
    • To demonstrate that people respond to God’s word by living His Law of Love
    • To illustrate that the family is a reflection of God’s loving presence


    Theme: Jesus continues His life and work through His Church.
    • To grow in an understanding of the Church through worship and increased knowledge of the scripture
    • To experience the Church as a Christian community
    • To continue to learn to live as Jesus taught us


    Theme: We are called to live as Jesus did: choosing a life of love, service, and obedience to God especially in light of the Ten Commandments.
    • To develop an understanding of the Christian way of life
    • To examine concepts of right and wrong based on Christian teaching and the Ten Commandments
    • To appreciate the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a sign of God’s mercy


    Theme: The Sacraments are the center of our whole liturgical life which nourishes and strengthens us.
    • To develop an understanding that the sacraments are celebrated through the use of sacred signs and symbols
    • To emphasize that Christ’s presence in our lives is celebrated in the sacraments and through prayer
    • To establish that we participate in God’s own life through the sacraments


    Theme: God’s people are challenged throughout history to follow the teachings of Jesus and His ancestors as seen in Hebrew and Christian Scripture
    • To introduce Jesus’ ancestors and events that occurred before his coming
    • To grow and respond in faith by becoming familiar with the people in Hebrew and Christian Scriptures who were faithful to God
    • To become more aware of the Kingdom of God in our midst
    • To recognize the place of the Word of God in our lives


    Theme: Our faith calls us to listen and respond to the message of Jesus.
    • To discover the teachings of Jesus through Christian Scriptures
    • To understand and recognize visible signs of God’s grace
    • To respond to Christ’s message with action


    Theme: Our faith calls us to examine and appreciate church history and our role within the church community now and in the future.
    • To learn about the his
    • Tory of the Church
    • To understand one’s role in the church’s community
    • To recognize that all people are called to further the kingdom by living the good News of the Gospel
    • To prepare for and be given the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of Confirmation