• Parent School Association Programs


    Drexel is a Catholic Community.PSAP

    Students are encouraged to be creative, think critically, work collaboratively, use technology and ask for help whenever it’s needed. We also encourage parents – an important part of the Drexel community – to be engaged in their child’s school in one of many ways that fit their skills and interests.


    Though each school is a little different, the Parent Advisory Council is a great starting point for all families: 

    Committee Charter Sub Committees Responsibilities
    Finance & Facilities Ensure the financial health of the School and the upkeep of the facilities Finance Efficiently execute the current fiscal year financial plan in order to produce a surplus
    Produce a balanced budget for the next fiscal year including all operating and capital expenses, depreciation, and surplus
    Develop a three year strategic plan that considers all operating and capital wants and needs
    Identify and drive cost reduction initiatives
    Building and Maintenance Develop financial plan for the upkeep of all facilities and drive cost reduction initiatives
    Develop and oversee the implementation of procedures  to ensure the safety and security of all personnel, students and visitors while on site, including elimination of hazards,  and promotion of emergency preparedness 
    Ensure that all facilities and grounds are adequately maintained
    Parent-Teacher Guild Build Community (need to describe what kind of community) and support teachers to …. or in their….. Room Parents Main line of communication from Drexel and Principals to the rest of the families in the grade; coordinate and promote class-specific activities; gather support for the teacher when needed, maintain school calendar.
    Auction Event logistics, promote event, secure sponsorships and vendors in an effort to build community and funds for the school.
    Enrollment Retain students and fill the open seats in each grade, maintaining 90+% enrollment Retention Check-in with new families to ensure School is exceeding their expectations; follow-up with non-returning families to see what you can do to keep them.
    Marketing/ Community Outreach Casting a wide net and developing personal relations with constituents such as realtors, local pre-schools, and local papers, distribute and track information about School to prospects, encouraing them to take a tour or attend an Open House.
    Parent Ambassadors When a family expresses interest in School (lead), you will follow up personally, speak with them, put them in contact with areas of interest for them, and actively seek to enroll them.
    Faith Formation Outreach Communicate with and invite catechetical families to School and actively recruit them to enroll at School.
    Website and Social Media Ensure content on websites, review sites, and social media is current and reflecte the voice of the School. Liaison for the Drexel blogs and website, motivating constituents to participant in Drexel blogs and postings.
    Open House Ensure all attendees have a personalized experience and School is presenting itself professionally, is aligned with Drexel messaging, and shares its School spirit; ensure all attendees fill out an intake sheet.
    Stewardship Invite those who can to make a sustaining gift to Drexel or your School Drexel Sustaining Gifts Continue to raise large gits to sustain Drexel implementation and scholarship funds
    School Annual Appeal Raise funds to bridge the gap between tuition and actual cost per student at your School
    Faith in Action Ensure the Catholic Faith is permeating through the school culture Sacraments Coordinate Pastor and others needed for Sacraments, and school support and celebreation surrounding the events.
    Practice of Christian Service Coordinate and track participation in school or community based service project
    Family Mass Communicate to Parent Ambassadors about family mass; follow up with those who do not attend; ensure all recruiting materials are present at mass
    Drexel Implementation Unite families and present a clear vision for the future of your School Mission and Vision Develop a three year strategic plan that considers goals for your school in terms of academics, enrichments, building, etc.